Surviving and Suffering: The Story of Sewol Ferry Survivor Kim Dong-soo

2024. 4. 16. 06:09Assignment


Kim Dong-soo is a survivor of the tragic Sewol M/V sinking, an incident that remains painfully etched in the memories of South Koreans. During the disaster, as the ferry sank, Kim risked his life to save students on a school trip, earning him praise as a hero in the media. However, the acclaim has done little to ease the trauma he continues to endure.
The unresolved nature of the disaster's cause and the lack of accountability from those responsible have fueled Kim's anger and led him to multiple attempts at self-harm. Amidst his suffering, Kim's family has been his beacon, tirelessly working to pull him from the darkness of his pain. Their support has been crucial in his ongoing struggle.
Kim's two daughters, inspired by their father's actions during the disaster, have chosen careers as emergency medical technicians, a testament to the value of life they learned through their father's ordeal.
This year (2024) marks the tenth anniversary of the Sewol ferry tragedy, a somber milestone for Kim and many others affected by that fateful day.

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